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Transformative Health Justice

Taking Control of our Health Rights

Transformative Health Justice - South Africa

Transformative Health Justice was registered to support the trailblazing SAHARI (South Africa Has a Right to Ivermectin) campaign, reported the largest campaign around the world, with 100 000 members.

Transformative Health Justice focuses on safe, effective, affordable, transparent, participatory, inclusive and accountable health care.

THJ Does More

In 2021, THJ launched SA VAERS, an independent alternative adverse effects reporting system for C19 shots, and then in 2023, for all injection products in South Africa. THJ is now an applicant in a court case to stop the C19 shots. THJ is a partner to World Council for Health, while SA VAERS is an affiliate project with Childrens Health Defense Africa.

Stop the Shots

Watch #StopTheShots court case interview with THJ founder Shabnam Palesa Mohamed and Adv Sabelo Sibanda. Talking about the motivation behind Stop the Shots – exposing that children under the age of 5 are being unlawfully injected in South Africa

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Report Negative Jab Effects

South African Vaccine Adverse Events Report System.

You can report your suspicions of a safety concern or incident related to the C19 injection – yourself as a patient, or as a health care professional, family member, friend, neighbour, or employer.

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