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World Council for Health – South Africa

Urgent Letter: Oppose the IHR amendments. Defund and #ExitTheWHO. Join #TheGreatFreeSet

TO: Traditional Leaders. South African President. Politicians. World Health Assembly 76 Delegates

At World Health Assembly 75, the 47 nation African bloc made the continent proud by opposing amendments to the International Health Regulations, as they threaten the continent’s sovereignty. Now, some of the worst amendment proposals are from Africa.

We are writing to ask you to oppose amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) currently being negotiated and due be adopted by May 2024, but may be adopted as early as May 2023. These amendments are being drafted at the same time as the WHO Pandemic Accord, but are distinct and not to be confused. IHR amendments are urgent.

The IHR amendments contain disturbing changes to the WHO’s role. Recommendations made by the WHO will become ‘binding’ on member states. The implications of these draft and secretive amendments are enormous for our country and will affect the lives of every single person living here. Interestingly, Africa performed the best over the C19 ‘pandemic’.


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